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      Nikula Chorbadzhi Zheravna > History          
      NCH Jeravna - facade south          
        The house of Nikula Chorbadzhi, which bears his name nowadays, was built 150 years ago. It is majestic, one of the greatest and solidest structures in Zheravna / Jeravna Village. The house is a remarkable model of the Bulgarian Late Revival Architecture. In 1978 it has been announced a cultural monument of regional significance.      
      According to the legend Chorbadzhi Nikula was a famous chorbadzhia (rich and wealthy Bulgarian), who had lived in Zheravna (called Zheruna in olden times) about 30 years before the Liberation of Bulgaria from the Turkish Slavery. He was attendant of a wealthy Turkish ruler from the Deliorman Area. One day the ruler decided to generously reward him for his loyalty and devotion and asked him how to return the favour. Chorbadzhi Nikula answered that he did not need much in return and would be grateful if the ruler presents him solely with the thigh wool from all his sheep. Suddenly, it turned out that the thigh wool cost dear and its quantity was so striking that Chorbadzhi Nikula sold it at a very high price, so that with cunning and clever device he succeeded in growing rich. Thereafter, he built his luxurious and spacious house and has richly and happily lived in it for years together with his family.   NCH Jeravna - facade east by night      
      The monument of Yovkov in Jeravna   Nikula Chorbadzhi and his house have been glorified in a number of Zheruna songs as well as in some of the short stories written by the talented master of the pen – the great Bulgarian author Yordan Yovkov, born and grown up in Zheravna.      
        NCH Jeravna - gable roof      
      During the years of the gone by century the House has served a set of significant social and administrative functions – carpet-weaving house, student camp, holiday house, and even municipality.        
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