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      Nikula Chorbadzhi Zheravna > Gallery          
      NCH Zheravna - east facade   NCH Zheravna - south facade      
East facade to the yard
Front to the street and Balkan Mountain
      NCH Zheravna - south facade 2   NCH Zheravna - gable roof by night      
A view from the Village Library Square
The gable roof by night
      NCH Zheravna - east facade by night  
NCH Zheravna - yard fireplace
East facade to the yard by night
The fireplace in the yard
      The symbol of NCH Zheravna - a clover shaped wood-carving   NCH Zheravna - yard      
Clover shaped wood-carving - the symbol of the guest house
The yard affords a splendid view to
the Balkan Mountain
      NCH Zheravna - view   NCH Zheravna - south facade by night      
A view to the house from the yonder hill
The house is perfectly lighted up at night
      NCH Zheravna - the Mayor's room 2   NCH Zheravna - room 3      
The so-called Mayor's room (No2)
The most spacious room (30 sq.m)
NCH Zheravna - separate bathrooms
NCH Zheravna - fitness room
A bathroom in green
Fitness room for your high spirits
      NCH Zheravna - sat.TV & minibar   NCH Zheravna - a brown bathroom      
Sat.TV, mini-fridge & phone in each room
A bathroom in sandy-brown
      NCH Zheravna - furniture   NCH Zheravna - furniture 2      
Furniture suites bear the house's symbol
All closets are in the traditional style
      NCH Zheravna - a hall on floor 2   NCH Zheravna - museum nook      
A roomy hall on the second floor
Museum nook for connoisseurs
      NCH Zheravna - banquet room   NCH Zheravna - cookhouse      
Banquet room on the first floor
Cookhouse added north of the house
      NCH Zheravna - draw-well   NCH Zheravna - cookhouse with fireplace      
A real draw-well at the yard
Fireplace in the cookhouse
      NCH Zheravna - cookhouse & draw-well by night   NCH Zheravna - yard fireplace by night      
Both cookhouse & draw-well by night
A romance near the fireplace at the yard
      Zheravna Jeravna - horse-riding   NCH Zheravna - signboard      
Horse-riding is offered near the house
Signboard on the way to enter the village
      A cobblestone street in Jeravna   The Gallery of Jeravna      
A sunny cobblestone street in Zheravna
The Etnomuseum & Gallery of Zheravna
      Jeravna - house-museum of Yovkov   Jeravna - monument of Yovkov      
House-Museum of the famous Bulgarian master of the pen - Yordan Yovkov
Monument of Yordan Yovkov
at the yard of his home
      Jeravna - house-museum of Sava Filaretov   Jeravna - house-museum of Russi Chorbadji      
House-Museum of Sava Filaretov
House-Museum of Russi Chorbadzhi
      The church of Jeravna   Jeravna - yard of the church      
St. Nikolay Church in Zheravna Village
Yard of St. Nikolay Church
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