Jeravna - panorama view
Zheravna - art sign
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For your convenience on the map of Zheravna is indicated
the exact location of some attractions, which are worth seeing.
Map of Jeravna
Panorama of Jeravna
Nikula Chorbadzhi Guest House - Jeravna
The architectural reserve of over 200 houses - monuments of culture
Nikula Chorbadzhi Guest House,
150-years old monument of culture
Jeravna - house museum of Sava Filaretov
Jeravna - house museum of Russi Chorbadji
House-Museum of Sava Filaretov
House-Museum of Rusi Chorbadzhi
Jeravna church
Jeravna - yard ot the church
St. Nikolay Church, Zheravna
Yard of St. Nikolay Church
Jeravna - house museum of Yovkov
Monument of Yovkov in Jeravna
House-Museum of the famous Bulgarian master of the pen Yordan Yovkov
Monument of Yordan Yovkov
at the yard of his home
The Gallery of Jeravna
A fountain in Jeravna
The Etnomuseum & Gallery of Zheravna
The newest fountain at the hill, Zheravna
Jeravna - horse-riding
Jeravna wood house
Riding a horse around is a real attraction
Here you can follow up the development of Renaissance wood house
A cobble stone street in Jeravna
Wood-carving decoration in Jeravna houses
Cobblestone streets, sun, verdancy, and peace of mind...
Interior of the houses is remarkable for its wood-carving decoration
Jeravna typical fireplace
Interior of a Chorbadzhi house
A fireplace typical for Zheravna house

Interior of Chorbadzhi (rich man's) house

Jeravna - loom
Jeravna- verdant summer paradise
Verdant summer paradise in Zheravna
History of Jeravna - a bell
Jeravna- verdant summer paradise 2
Zheravna features rich background
Really close to Mother Nature...
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